Spectrum Award Premier Agent Recognition

Premier Agents excel, meeting the criteria we developed to solely measure performance based on customer service and thus, earn the privilege of unbiased, independent verification. 

Premier Agent

City Beat News has historically recognized businesses and business professionals with the Spectrum Award for providing their customers and clients with exceptional service.  In order to better serve our mission of recognition, we continually answer the call of our award winners.  We took our research and analysis experience and applied it to the home buying marketplace. In doing so, City Beat News is proud to announce the Spectrum Award for Premier Agents.   

"We've researched the customer service performance histories of more than 150,000 real estate agents across the nation, and only a small fraction meet the criteria of top-flight service performance to even be considered for this recognition." ~Frank Andrews, founder of City Beat News. 

Specifically calling attention to the exceptional service of individual real estate agents, brokers and realtors with the Premier Agent recognition, enables those business professionals to set themselves apart from the rest, drawing attention to them and the importance of the uniquely-high level of service that it takes to become a Spectrum Award Winner, reassuring clients and potential clients that they are indeed a Premier Agent.   

Are you a Premier Agent?

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