Why Online Reputation Management MUST Be A Part Of Your Marketing Mix!


Why Online Reputation Management MUST Be A Part Of Your Marketing Mix!

Why is reputation management important for your business?  Consider that in 2010, only 22% of consumers were reviewing a company’s digital reputation before choosing to do business with them.  In contrast, by 2015 that number had risen to 92%!  

This increase in purchases based on a company’s digital standing makes online reputation management one of the most important parts of your marketing mix.  If you think digital reputation management is only for big brands, think again. With the rise in use of social media, monitoring and managing your digital reviews is more important than ever.

And that’s why it’s vital that you:

Build your reputation through the use of an independent and unbiased rating that remains stable throughout the year to boost the consumers’ level of trust;

Manage your reputation by protecting your company against those who may be trying to harm you with personal or competitive motives and keeping your good news at the forefront of the search engines;

Market your reputation by publicizing service awards each time you reach out to your community via your website, advertisements, etc.; your online reputation in today’s digital landscape is a 24/7 advertising tool that helps get the good word out about your company to consumers searching in your community.  

If there is one thing that is certain, it’s that a good online reputation can absolutely help a business and a poor online reputation can cause serious damage if it isn’t dealt with proactively.  Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, and in today’s social media charged environment, your digital reputation is often people’s first impression of your business.

Consumers like to feel as though they are purchasing products and services from a trustworthy source and online reputation management can help you maintain the consistency needed to convey this type of image.

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