Honored for Customer Service…Make Sure Everyone Knows!


Honored for Customer Service…Make Sure Everyone Knows!

One of the best ways to demonstrate your customer service prowess to customers (other than providing top-notch service directly to those customers, obviously) is to put it right in front of their eyes. As a City Beat News Spectrum Award winner, you have the opportunity to purchase a Spectrum Award Plaque of Honor featuring your company’s accomplishments. What better way to showcase your company’s high customer satisfaction scores than by placing your award right where customers, employees and potential customers can see it?

However, simply hanging the plaque in your office, storefront or lobby isn’t the only way you can benefit from your Spectrum Award. Place the plaque in your employee break room to showcase your award-winning status to employees and recognize their efforts in earning the award, further encouraging them to continue providing excellent service.

Don’t stop there. Host a staff and customer appreciation party, during which you “present” your team with the plaque. Then, take a photo of you and your team holding the plaque and post it on your website and social media pages, and include it with a press release to the local media announcing your award. Send us the photo of your team with the plaque and we’ll post it on our social media pages, too!

For those companies that win consecutive awards, purchase the plaque each year to create a multi-plaque display of your consecutive award-winning efforts!

Your Spectrum Award matters, find out why here.

Learn how to benefit from your award here.

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