Excelling at Customer Service? Get the Exposure You Deserve!


Excelling at Customer Service? Get the Exposure You Deserve!

As a City Beat News Spectrum Award winner you’ve demonstrated that your customer service is top notch. You are making customers a priority, and your efforts are not going unnoticed. Now is your chance to show potential customers as well that they would be your top priority, too.

As a Spectrum Award winner, you receive an Award Page on our website for an entire year, featuring your star rating and your company info. There is no access allowed for others to comment on the page, so it’s a stable, safe harbor where you can send customers and prospects. Furthermore, it puts our third-party-credible “stamp” on your company’s marketing efforts. Find your link here.

Make the most of your award by implementing these steps right away:

1. Post the link to your award page on your website
2. Include the link in yours and your staff members’ email signature lines
3. Include the link in any press releases you distribute
4. Include the link in all your media advertising
5. Post the link on all your social media pages
6. Include the link in all your marketing materials, such as fliers, mailers, etc.
7. Use the link when blogging or having others blog about your company
8. Feature the link on your business cards
9. Announce the award to your staff in a memo and include the link for them all to view as a show of staff appreciation for their efforts in winning the award
10. Include the link on any printed materials you make available to customers.


Your Awards Coordinator can help guide you and offer advice.  Call 866-732-9800 today to start reaping the benefits that your status as an Award-Winner brings.


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